NYC Scrapbook


Kevin Spedding

    It's 4:08 AM and I started at 10 PM.  It's gray and rainy and I've seen some long faces throughout the eveining.  The men and women who are working at the site are tired and generally sad yet they are not defeated.  They come and sit and eat and chat for a while and we try to make them as comfortable as possible for a few minutes before they go back to a place no person should ever see.  I can't express the horror of it, yet they are not defeated.  I am in awe when I see that there spirit is unbroken, and it makes me sad that I am able to leave this place at the end of the day, while those working here will stay, and stay, and stay, until there job is done. I will pray for them and hope that their spirit remains unbroken.  They are the strongest of the strong, the boldest of the bold, and the best of the best.  Thank you all.