NYC Scrapbook


Dawn Jeffery

                                          12/13/01 2:30AM


       It's funny I believe when the World Trade was hit by the terrorosts they thought New York would fall. They never ever believed we would unite as one. I don't think we did either, "BUT WE DID". We are still united 3 months after the incident.  I give my whole thanks to the New York City Police, New York City Fire Dept., Port Authority Police, EMS, New York City Corrections Special Unit, National Guard, All the officers from Upstate New York, New Jersey, Vancouver BC, and Officers, EMS from all over the United States, who put their lives on the line to help people they didn't even know.  I'm a volunteer at Nino's restaurant. It makes me feel good and blessed to be able to help in some small way. I serve coffee, tea food etc:, to the people who come in from ground ZERO. WE WILL NEVER FORGET AND WE WILL NOT BE BEATEN.