NYC Scrapbook


Michelle Rivera
Investor Services @BBH

    I wanted to be able to help in some way but due to my schedule I couldn't find anything that i could do with the little spare time that i had.  When my job sent out an e-mail to volunteer with the schedule I jumped at the chance to help.  When I got here I was pretty nervous about how I would feel but am very glad that I came.  Seeing the smile on the faces of the people who have been dedicating their lives to helping clean up and make NYC what it once was is amazing and being able to lift their spirits is an incredible thing to do and an honor to be allowed to do it.
If for any minute I thought of being tired or anything I would look at them and imagine how tired they must be and I have no reason to complain.
God Bless them all and the people who give their time to help in any way they can.