NYC Scrapbook


Sam Johnson

    After coming to volunteer for one week, I was summoned to come and run this operation on a full time basis as the executive chef.  Bringing my gourmet expertise to this basic Italian restaurant to enhance their meals and take the food up a notch from what it used to be.  This has been interesting for what we do feeding over 4-5,000 meals a day with limited space and staff which includes feeding the heros right here at the restaurant and transporting lunch and dinner to ground zero.  It was only dinner initially now because the meal is so good, they've added lunch and breakfast.  I had the privelege excluding the overwhelming restaurant and ground zero, but to cater the NY Police Commmisioner's Christmas party for 300 captains and leutenants for NYC.  I was told that was the best meal they've ever had that had been done from this restaurant.  It's been an overwhelming experience, but with the help of God and the love of alot of volunteers we've been able to pull off these events without any glitches.  It's been pretty interesting to see the generosity of the whole city and people coming in to help rebuild NY.  I've worked side by side with a couple from MD and a couple from England.  I just want to thank everyone who helped and participated in this effort.  May God bless America.  Thank You very much.