NYC Scrapbook


SPC. James Montesano

    The horrific events of 9-11 have been an awakening for the people of NY of D.C. and of the nation as a whole.  The patriotic side many americans have hidden has come out. We are united as one, and I for one am a DAMN proud american.  I cant remember a time when people were as pulled together for any cause.  My wish is that we dont lose the unity once the terrorists have been eradicated.  I hope that all americans continue to fly our flag proudly and treat one another as a brother, as they have of late.  To drive down the street and see people wearing flag pins and business flying the flag in the front window is more than a sign of triumph but a symbol of all that ensures our rights and privelidges.  My army brothers are overseas defending those rights and making sure we can walk down the street or fly a plane or just plain live a life without fear.  I am proud to fly the symbol of those courageous people and those who fought before them, to be one of them, not just in the Army, but as an AMERICAN.  also included are the rescue crews, Firemen and Policemen of ground zero whom continue to clean and search for victims. The people of this country are forever indebted to ALL the true heros of today and can show this and return the debt by continueing to treat all americans as bretheren and not enemys and to not take for granted the rights guarenteed.  Remember that America is the greatest nation on earth and the people in it are the greatest people on earth.  God Bless! and GO ARMY!