The following programs are other Soundprint programs that relate to 9/11. Click on the program title to find out more information.

  • 24 Hours on the Edge of Ground Zero
    Listen to the sounds of New York city collected during 24 hours at Ground Zero.
  • My Only Wish and The Forgotten Children of Afghanistan
    Women were insignificant under the Taliban and children who were disabled were non-entities. Both groups began to find their voice in the last days of the Taliban. These programs from Radio Netherlands trace the hidden lives of women and disabled children.
  • Smallpox: Weapon of Terror
    Once a major scourge of humanity, the killer smallpox was vanquished in 1977. But experts worry that cultures of the smallpox virus could fall into, or may already be in the hands of terrorists. What is the real danger?
  • Legacies
    For an older generation that fought and lived through the world wars, terrorist attacks, and the carnage of the 20th century, September 11th brought back memories. Three unique people tell their stories of courage and survival.
  • Exits & Entrances
    Interweaving sounds from Tokyo maternity wards and funeral parlors, composer Toru Takemitsu presents a moving exposition of the ways that the Japanese make their exits and entrances.