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On the timeline above we have made available a sampling of the more than 45 hours of audio, video, and diaries that we collected in 24 Hours on the Edge of Ground Zero. Let us know what you feel and think in the comment box.
Insurance Guys Ambient Sound Sam Johnson Ground Zero Calendar Guys Christmas Tree at Ground Zero Amy Sue Ellen Anne Basil Christmas Carolers at Ninos Christmas Carolers at Ninos Officer Randy Lisa Pelliti Cheryl Miller Christmas Carolers at Firehouse Audio: Dawn Jeffery Dinner and a Band Brian  Cirillo Christmas Carolers at Ninos Barb, Donna and Cindy Jim Jeffries Ambient Sound Detective Daven David Paul Persoff Barbara J. Hunter Diary People Inside Ninos Diary: SSG. James Brown Memorial Apron Artist Work Memorial Outside Ninos New Yorks Best and Bravest The Buffet Line A Bulldozer at Ground Zero Texas BBQ Cooks An Officer From California Collecting Money to keep going Diary: Douglas Elgard Diary: Karen Cooper Diary: Kasandra Harley Diary: Rick Bigalk Servers at the Buffet Line Diary: Michelle Rivera Statue of Liberty Crying Jad Conducting an Interview Inside Ninos Ground Zero at Night Inside Ninos Diary: Brian Cirillo Ninos Bar Diary: Dawn Jeffery Diary: Paul Pustorino Diary: Rick Bigalk Diary: Kevin Spedding Diary: Rose Sullivan Diary: Sam Johnson Diary: James Montesano Diary: Steve Ayers